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Our partner website, FrangipaniTrees dotcom dotau, has an online shop specializing in advanced frangipanis for customers in in Eastern Australia, including Mackay, Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and even Adelaide.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding
Our Advanced frangipani Trees

I'm not sure exactly which type of frangipani I want. Where do I start?

The first decision is to choose between a common hardy frangipani or one of the rarer species which may be more delicate.
If you are in NSW or prefer a common hardy frangipani, you should choose one of the common rubra varieties.
If you are a keen gardener, a frangipani fanatic or live in Queensland where conditions are more favourable, you may be more interested in the rare colours (red, hot pink cerise, yellow), the white obtusa, the pudica or even the stenophylla.

Do the evergreens (plumeria obtusa) keep their leaves during the winter?
In tropical climates (such as Cairns, Darwin and Tropical countries) evergreen frangipanis DO keep all of their leaves throughout the winter. Plumeria obtusa, Plumeria pudica and Plumeria stenophylla are all evergreen. In the south-east Queensland area (including gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane), frangipani obtusas can keep their leaves all winter depending on their location.
To ensure your evergreen frangipani keeps all of its leaves or most of them, plant it:-
1 - where it can get the winter sun (coming from the north in Australia), especially the morning sun.
2 - with a wall on the southside which reflects light and heat.

What does rubra mean?
90% of frangipani trees you see on the east coast of Australia are plumeria rubra. Since they are the most common type of frangipani in Australia, they are often simply called by the colour of their flower eg. pink frangipani. The most common colour is the white frangipani which is the white flower with some yellow in the centre.

We group the the other hardy common colours into two categories.
Tricolour flowers have white and two or more other colours such as orange and pink. Pink is on the outside tips of the petals and yellow or orange is in the centre. In the early stages of flowering, stronger colours like red and orange are more likely to be present. As flowers develop and open, weaker colours become more predominate, for example, red becomes pink, white areas become larger and orange becomes yellow.
Even though three colours maybe present, if a flower has more pink than other colours it is known as a pink rather than a tricolour.

What does obtusa mean?
The second most easily to find frangipani species in Australia is the plumeria obtusa. The word Singapore is often used synonymously with the words obtusa and evergreen.

The obtusa with white flowers (also known as Singapore white) is by far the most common obtusa in Australia, so if people say obtusa or evergreen, the are almost certainly referring to the "Plumeria Obtusa - Singapore White".

Do you sell any other frangipanis besides the common rubra varieties and the white evergreen in large sizes?
Yes, please contact us in regards to availability.

At writing, we have two cerise in 75 litre bags and 20-30 in 45 litre bags. We have one yellow in 75 litre bag and about 10 in 45 litre bags. We have reds in 30 litre and 45 litre bags.

At the time of writing, we have one Singapore Petite Pink in a 75 litre bag and about 5 in 45 litre bags. We also have about 10 pudica frangipanis in 45 litre bags. (current as of September 2010)

What are the differences between the two common species of frangipanis?
Frangipani Rubras are deciduous so in winter they usually lose their leaves and allow sunshine through to your house, lawn and yard. They are a hardier plant so they can handle colder climates better than frangipani obtusa varieties. These varieties have beautifully scented and colourful flowers. The common
EVERGREEN FRANGIAPNIS (also known as PLUMERIA OBTUSA or SINGAPORE WHITE) have larger, green glossy leaves and larger white flowers with yellow centres. Both the leaves and flower have rounded tips when compared to the rubra. Like rubra flowers, flowers from the Singapore White also have a beautiful scent.

Where do you deliver to?
We deliver door to door from Noosa to the Melbourne metropolitan area, the Sydney metropolitan area, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, and of course the Sunshine Coast.
We also offer discounted rates where the the transport company doesn't offer door to door delivery. In these cases, the customer needs to meet the driver and collect their order or arrange pick up from a designated location within their city. This option may be available for destinations on the Princess highway between  the Gold Coast and Sydney and on the Hume Highway between Sydney and Melbourne.
For more information, please see our shipping frangipani trees.

Can I pick up my frangipani tree myself?

Yes. Please give us a call or send us an email stating you'd like to arrange a visit.

How can I contact you?

(07) 5485-3792 - Speak to David or Keiran or leave a message on the machine. (machine might be turned off in our off season - May to August)

You can also contact us by using our contact form or email address found on our
Frangipanis of Noosa contact information page.

How are prices determined for advanced frangipani trees?
The following are important factors we consider when determining the price of each tree:-
-Plant height and width (this is the most common factor)
-Plant health (strength of stem and branches and rate of growth)
-Plant shape (overall balance)
-Plant appearance (scars from removed branches and fungus are unattractive)
-Plant size (thickness of stem and branches and number of crowns)
-Rarity - (Generally speaking, the rarer the species the more difficult and costly it is for us to grow. Singapore whites are around 20% more expensive than the common frangipani rubras.)

What should I look for when choosing a frangipani?
The factors above which we use to rate and price our trees will probably be important to you too. Saying that, different people have different preferences but, in general, most prefer a frangipani tree with a straight think trunk and branches which give an overall balanced appearance.

Some people insist on low forks and branches while others don't. Some people desire lush green foliage and blooming flowers straight away while others think longer term.

Do not be overly concerned with fungus on trunk or leaves. While leaf discoloration and leaf deformities can be a sign of lack of water or nutrients, leaf discoloration and diseases such as frangipani rust do not affect the health of the plant. After purchasing and planting your frangipani, leaves can be cut off or sprayed to allow the plant to produce beautiful new leaves.

Is a deposit necessary?
Our customers often need to wait for landscaping or building to be completed before receiving their selected frangipani tree(s). To ensure we do not sell your tree to someone else, please pay in full or a $50 deposit. We are happy to water, fertilize and take care of it for you until delivery. We can hold any tree until the following March.

If you decide to buy a tree which is no longer available, keep in mind our stock is constantly turning over so we will help you find another one to your liking.

I need a frangipani urgently. How soon can I collect one?
Contact us by phone any day of the week, 9am-7pm to arrange delivery or pick up.

Our details can be found on the
Frangipanis of Noosa contact information page.

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